The Definitive Episodes for Each Character: Part 1

Yes, Mr. Robot is largely a show about Rami Malek (and the eponymous character played by Christian Slater) and with the exception of that one ep that doesn’t feature Elliot (more on that later), the supporting cast is mostly… well, supporting. Hell, the non-writing and producing awards center on those two as well.

And with that, we feel like throwing the supporting cast a bone. In this piece, we list the highlight or definitive episode for each character and discuss why. Since the cast is fairly large, we’re going to start with the fsociety guys first.



While Elliot was able to accurately read the personalities of Mobley and Romero, I think it’s safe to say that his “Sherlock Scan” would come up empty on our Middle Eastern hacktivist. He never got the opportunity (at least in terms of his internal monologues) to do so with Trenton, but she’s undoubtedly the biggest question mark among fsociety’s members.  And no, the “She’s got some Allah Akbhar in her” remark does not count. Besides the occasional glimpses to her family (which occurs in Season Two), we never really learn what is up with her – until Season 1 Episode 7: eps1.6_v1ew-s0urce.flv, in which she reveals that her motivations is her disillusionment with the American dream. We also learn that her daytime job is in a community college.



It’s such a shame they had to off Ron Cephas Jones’s Romero so quickly in what we will later learn as an uneventful death via stray bullet. He was smart, savvy, and a bit of a realist with his hacktivism compared to his peers. But hey, he probably wanted to run off to do “This Is Us” and it worked out well for him so can’t blame the guy. As for his best episode, it’s definitely eps1.3_da3m0ns.mp4 wherein he shows a remarkable know-how of drugs and puts it to good use by helping Elliot stave off an annoying bout of withdrawal right at the cusp of an important hacking mission.


Mobley is responsible for the Raspberry Pi that’s crucial in taking out Steel Mountain in Season One and largely functions as the technical member of the group, a role that he will continually fill the following season – including his notable grooming of the unprepared Angela for a similar task – while also being Darlene’s right-hand man. His best episode is probably eps2.1_k3rnel-pan1c.ksd in which we learn that not only was he responsible for getting Romero in to fsociety but that he also displays a surprising amount of awareness (finding Elliot/Mr. Robot as a risk and seeing the group’s increasingly elaborate publicity stunts as ridiculous) for what should be a stereotypical lemming.


Darlene Baseball Bat

There may be a bunch of episodes wherein Darlene does something of note, but her most prominent one is definitely eps2.6_succ3ss0r.p12 – or popularly known as the “baseball bat smash cut” and “Elliot-less” episode… but there’s more to this ep than those scenes. It also has Darlene going face to face to an E Corp member and confronting her about her father’s death, ultimately leading to one of the first kills by an fsociety member and the most unlikely character to do so too.

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