Is Bobby Cannavale Playing Dom DiPierro’s Father?

This weekend was big for Roboteers, not only was the Season 3.0 Premiere Date released, but it was also announced that Bobby Cannavale will be joining Season 3.0. We know we already talked about this, but frankly… it’s too important not to bring to your attention again! ūüôā

In addition to B.D. Wong (Whiterose/Minister Zhang) being bumped to series regular, Bobby will play¬†Irving, ‚Äúa laconic, no-nonsense used car salesman.‚ÄĚ Now, we know used-car salesmen can be hard to pin down at the best of times, but this is Mr Robot – where nothing is quite as it seems!

Bobby Cannavale 2

With the actor’s Italian roots, it would be obvious for a¬†Mafia connection, but that’s kinda too obvious for Sam Esmail.

That’s why we reckon he’s playing Dom DiPierro’s father – she definitely shares that no-nonsense attitude mentioned in the press release.

Yes, that’s pure speculation on our part, but the more we think about it, the more it makes sense…¬†Irving DiPierro has the right kinda ring to it and, at 46 years old, the actor is the right age to play Dominique’s dad. Plus, just like Agent DiPierro, he’s from New Jersey.

Plus, Dominique’s tattoos suggest a very different life before she joined the F.B.I. – does this ink look like it could belong to the daughter of a New Jersey used car salesman? Mr Robot Hacks thinks so!

Bobby Cannavale Tattoos

Wouldn’t it be so damned cool to learn how Dom became the perfect mix of trusted FBI Agent AND the existential mess we know and love?

Bobby Cannavale Dom


Right now, we’re imagining him as a kinda Jimmy McGill-type character from Better Call Saul, perhaps a¬†Saul Goodman who wants to bring down the government! So, that’s all we know about his character Irving for now, but what about Bobby Cannavale, the actor who you may very well recognize¬†because he’s been acting forever:

Cannavale appeared in Ally McBeal, Third Watch and Law & Order SVU around the turn of the century(!) and graced our screens with a major role in Will and Grace as Will’s boyfriend, Officer Vincent “Vince” D’Angelo.

More recently, he swore his way through Boardwalk Empire as Gyp Rosetti to win an Emmy…

He also appeared in the woefully underrated Ant-Man as the protagonist’s ex-wife’s¬†new boyfriend (and cop!)

bobby cannavale 4

While most recently, he appeared in the Martin Scorsese and Mick Jagger-produced Vinyl for HBO.

Bobby Cannavale vinyl

The show, about the music industry in the 1970’s, was cancelled after just one season, but their loss is our gain.

We’ll bring you more news on Bobby, Irving and Season 3.0 as soon as we hear it.

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