Angela Finally Shows Her True Colors

Angela Moss has had a tough life. After losing her mother in the Washington Township Chemical Leak, through her childhood growing up in New Jersey, move to New York, working for Gideon Goddard’s All Safe alongside friend Elliot Alderson and her power-crazed megalomania beneath Phillip Price at Evil Corp, Angela has kept her cards close to her chest, one eye on the prize and her lips sealed.

Angela - lips

Two seasons, twenty-two episodes in and we’re still not sure of Angela’s intentions: Is she, like Elliot was at All Safe, acting as a Trojan Horse or is she the ultimate Machiavellian double crosser? The last episode of Season Two suggested that (thanks to Whiterose) she’s seen the light, stopped worrying about the distractions of expensive shoes and swanky apartments and was on board with the F_Society plan… but this is Mr Robot, so who can be sure?

Well, now folks – we can finally reveal evidence that Angela is one of the good guys:

Angela Trump

Lost Angela

Yes, that’s Angela Moss holding an Evil Corp placard at a recent Trump Protest in Los Angeles standing up for what she believes in and sticking it to the man…

Knowing what we now about Season Three, it could easily be a scene from principal photography, but it isn’t. we know it’s definitely Angela as Uncle Sam (Esmail) tweeted his pride while simultaneously sharing his thoughts about President Trump!

All the same, we know it’s definitely Angela as Uncle Sam (Esmail) tweeted his pride for her while simultaneously sharing his thoughts about President Trump!

Angela - Sam

Of course, it’s both Angela Moss and it’s the incredibly talented actress Portia Doubleday at the same time. In the days after voting with her sister, Ophelia Quadruplenight…

Angela - Vote

Actress Portia Doubleday with her equally beautiful sister.

Angela… I mean Portia also posted this photo of police on a bridge in Downtown L.A. on her Instagram account.

Angela DTLA


So there we have it, folks. It may not be proof positive that Angela Moss is going to be instrumental in bringing down Evil Corp, but her alter ego, Portia Doubleday might just help achieve it instead! At the end of the day, she is just one more body in a sea of protesters, but it carries more weight coming from a rising star like Portia. I guess because she has more to lose than the average Joe.

Whatever your political beliefs, you gotta say “Way to go, PDD!”

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