On The 22nd Day of Christmas, Mr Robot Hacks Inspired Me…

It’s the 22nd Day of Christmas which means only one thing… THREE MORE SLEEPS!

Yup (counting on my fingers) 22nd, 23rd, 24th. Math never was my strong point!

After yesterday’s unmissable class on building tension in the chess scene, we thought we’d carry the theme of inspirations over to our antepenultimate post in the Christmas Countdown series…

Sam Esmail proudly admits to borrowing from his favorite movies, but this highly-polished video not only cites the obvious influences like The Matrix, Fight Club and American Psycho but also demonstrates many characters, ideas, themes, scenes and even dialogue, sometimes line-for-line that he’s borrowed for Mr Robot.

So here is The Inspirations of Mr Robot – a truly masterful video from Wisecrack…

Going deeper still, the video also talks about the society which created Elliot, and compares the fake reality of the holographic world in The Matrix to the zombified, consumerist, TV-dominated world we and Elliot inhabit.

The vid also brings up some interesting parallels between Elliot and Martin Scorses’s greatest anti-heroes Travis Bickle, which we hadn’t thought about but are spot on. Elliot’s psychological problems, his relationship with reality and New York setting is all eerily similar. Might need to give Taxi Driver another view.

22nd - Travis Bickle

Are you talkin’ to me.. or Elliot?

They also make the connection to Natural Born Killers that we made at the time and sum up with a neat conclusion about sampling, stealing and recycling from other sources…but while the video does a great job, we here at Mr Robot Hacks Headquarters believe it’s missed one or two influences, and we’ll be bringing you those in a new, short series of posts coming very soon.

In the meantime, a massive shout out to Jared, the guy who made the video – you can check out Wisecrack’s other awesome videos here.

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