On The 17th Day of Christmas, Mr Robot Hacks Reminded Me…

It’s the 17th Day of our countdown and we get it, you’re busy – there’s so much to do before Christmas – planning trips, decking the halls with boughs of holly and gift shopping… or as Elliot might call it “buying shit we don’t need!”

17th - Control Illuision

Mr Robot Hacks will be trying to answer one of the show’s taglines – how Control is an Illusion – (in Mr Robot and in our lives) in a week or two, but right now you’ve got gift wrapping to do so we’re not gonna hang about before launching into one of the best Mr Robot fan videos out there.

The video is jaw-droppingly well-made, capturing the excitement and feel of both seasons and was created by fan Razor, who puts together some of the best fan edits on The You Tube.

You’ll definitely recognize the song as Emily Browning’s cover of The Eurythmics’ Sweet Dreams (Are Made of These)

Unusually for a fan edit, his video is linked together thematically – one moment you’ll see some of the most thrilling visuals from Mr Robot with such violent delights as fist-fights, guns firing, strangulation or finding dead bodies. It’s so perfectly cut in time with the music, you roll with every punch and duck every bullet.

The next moment it’s simple touches like Elliot pulling his hood down, characters smoking a cigarette or something as innocent as a friendly hand on a shoulder.

17th - Illusion

Okay, so this innocent, friendly hand on the shoulder puts Elliot in the hospital, but you’ll see what we mean when you watch the vid!

17th - Control is an illusion

It must have taken Razor hours and hours to link every scene together, watching twenty-two episodes over both seasons, taking notes and assembling the edit, so we think we need to show him the props he deserves!

That’s it for the 17th window in our advent calendar, but we’ll be back tomorrow with another treat!

Happy Christmas Shopping, suckers!

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