On The 16th Day of Christmas, Mr Robot Hacks illuminated me…

Can you believe it’s already the 16th day in our advent calendar? Just like Mr Robot Hacks, your Christmas shopping is complete (yeah, right!) making this the perfect weekend to lock the doors, turn off your phone, pour yourself a glass of your favorite tipple and wrap those Christmas gifts while Mac Quayle’s Mr Robot Soundtrack Volume 2.0 pleases your ears.

16th OST

Equally, it’s the perfect weekend for saying “Fuck Society, I don’t believe in no Santa Claus” and necking a handful of pills to keep the fake smiles and seasonal cheer where it belongs, on the Hallmark Channel.

Instead of wrapping presents, maybe you could light up your home with Christmas lights spelling out “Fuck Society” in giant letters on your roof!

16th Fuck Society

That would keep the carol singers at bay!

Earlier on in our extended Twenty-Four Days of Christmas Countdown, we opened with a Christmas joke, brought you Volume 1.0 and wrote a little about Mac, if you’d like to begin by reading and listening to that, click here, but don’t forget to come back!

While here’s the video for Volume 2.0 – but you better be quick The reason we’re bringing your attention to it is because youtube could take it down any day now…

If anything, this second album is darker than the first! There’s more brooding 80’s electro and more of a horror feel. I get that horror and 80’s synth music are inextricably linked but why does every show use this John Carpenter style music? The futuristic score fits perfectly with Mr Robot’s technological vibe, but does it necessarily suit The Walking Dead? I’m not so sure, Bear McCreary!

16th - Mac Quayle

But it’s not all doom and gloom, around the one hour mark, Mac takes us into what I can only describe as a world of a Bizarro Carnival French Circus. Bonus points if you can tell us which scene this was used in (cos we can’t remember!) and then back to futuristic bleeps and whirs of Doomygloomtown reappear! And that’s before it gets real, real dark again… like nightmare-inducingly dark!

16th - cd

Does anyone actually buy CDs anymore?

As ever, we better point out that the album is available to buy here – it may even make a great Christmas gift for that Mr Robot fan friend, if you’re stuck for ideas… as would these T-Shirts, but again you better be quick, there are only eight days until Christmas. Arrrrrrgggggghhhh!

That’s it for the 16th, thanks for reading, we hope you have a good time wrapping your gifts while listening to Volume 2.0 and don’t forget to share!

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